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Watch Industry Leaders on FOXTEL Channel 183 every Tuesday nights at 8:30PM, Wednesdays at 6:30AM and 3:00PM and Sundays at 2:30PM. You're sure to be captivated by the inspiring stories of real hardworking Australians who are advancing their industry.


Industry Leaders is a documentary program produced for television. It is a nationwide show and it focuses on people who are passionate about their industry and how this passion combined with drive, commitment and most importantly hard work, has lead to their success. The TV show also documents the positive impact of following one’s passion on wellbeing and happiness. Each episode focuses on a specific industry. Now airing on TV.


Escape to the Winery is a documentary about three wineries in the Yarra Valley including Innocent Bystander, Elmswood Estate and Yering Station on their biannual picking of grape for red and vintage wines in Victoria. It is a personal account of the journey of the winemakers, key players in the wine industry, the winemaking process and the rolling hills of Yarra Valley landscape.

Innocent Bystander is strategically situated in Healesville which is just 64.6 kilometres away from Melbourne’s CBD, Elmswood Estate Winery a 55.2 kilometres away in leafy environment of Seville, and Yering Station 52.4 kilometres East of the CBD – these wineries unveils the secret and aesthetics of winemaking.

Captured in the leafy beauty and charm of the vineyards, Steve, Willy, Han and Jeannie with clarity, eloquence, dry humour and passion, talk about winemaking and the culture that ensues from fermenting grapes. With meticulous arrangement of these arresting interviews and eye-popping imagery of the vineyards, with the easy listening and relaxing acoustic sounds of Eyes Half Closed’s Connected, Escape to the Winery seeks to re-inculcate the serenity, peacefulness, and ease of mind we feel when we are away from the city and how ‘something big’ can be produced from ‘something so small’.

Escape to the Winery intertwines the processes of winemaking, with escaping one’s own reality, and the inexplicable sense of peace, serenity and social experiences that comes from the vineyards. Untainted with unnecessary jargons, the story is told through a fusion of personal accounts and hands on on-the-job footage captured through the lens of our camera on the vineyards.

With wine barrels tucked away in sequestered cellar enclosures, and time strictly of the essence, the winemakers are compelled to overcome the impact of rain, pests, mud and of course, the ever changing Victorian weather to pick the right grapes at the right time. The resulting fruits of their labour lie not just in the varieties they produce – but their tenaciousness, temerity, temperament and virtue continually moulds and shapes our society, social experiences and social capital.


Annex Media is an undisputed leader in Australian documentary television production. We provide quality content, told in compelling narratives that provide optimum branding and marketing on both a local and national scale. We also offer multi-platform distribution across mainstream media networks and receive endorsements not only through television, but other forms of media as well. Above all else, by putting you and your brand on a nationwide television program, we not only provide cost effective marketing, but we build trust and confidence amongst the public by cementing your reputation as an expert in your field.


Following a very successful season of Industry Leaders the TV Show on FOXTEL, we are proud to announce the second season to be broadcast on a nationwide television program later this year. The team at Annex Media have been working hard to bring you yet another compelling, captivating and inspiring program that will provoke thoughts and spark new ideas in the mind of our nationwide audience.

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