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“Be inspired by one man’s True Story of resilience, bravery against all odds and a heart bigger than Phar Laps on this week’s “Industry leaders”.

After 13 inspirational weeks of the third season of the highly successful FOXTEL programme “Industry Leaders” on the Aurora Channel 173, we’ve reached the emotionally charged Grand Finale…brought to you by Annex Media.

In this episode, you’ll meet a man with Real Passion, who through dedication and hard work became one of our Industry Leaders.

On this “Jets Gymnastics” exclusive edition we’ll meet Industry Leader Ross Bouskill, whose inspiring children to learn to fly through life at Jets Gymnastics…a success story he started in 1991 at just 22 years of age.
His aim was to provide a positive environment for children to practice gymnastics…but he achieved much more than that. His success story isn’t without its sacrifices, tears and heartaches.
Ross’ empire started by accident and 26 years later is shrouded in tragedy and grief.

He lived in a garage for 17 years, many weeks paying his bills before himself…then he lost his best friend and later his brother to cancer.

You can’t help but be moved by his story and the athletes and fatherless children he mentored. It’s an engaging story of Olympic Dreams and personal and business growth.

It’s a story you must watch! Industry Leaders… brought to you by Annex Media.”

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