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On this Episode’s “Amazing Journey” edition we’ll meet Industry Leaders from Toxin-Free, Nourished Life and Pet Transporters, Dogtainers but first, we travel to Bendigo Tramways with a heritage that dates back to 1890.
Luke Jenkins tell us why they’ve preserved and saved Bendigo’s beloved Tram.

In this “Amazing Journey” edition of “Industry Leaders” while everyone is jumping onto the toxin-free bandwagon, we’ll meet the lady driving it at Nourished Life
…but before that, we’re off to Brisbane to meet Dogtainers’ CEO, Simon Jackson who’s built a business on the belief that special animals deserve special transport.

And then we land in Sydney to catch up with Founder and CEO of Nourished Life, Irene Falcone as she explores the two drivers that led her to start her personal care products business online and build a multi-million-dollar empire.

Find out how the online business that started with one hundred dollars and no investment and now, just four years later, is on track to turn over twenty million dollars a year. 

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