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On this Episode’s “Wellness Retreats” edition we’ll meet Industry Leaders from Everview Luxury Retreat…Ikatan Day Spa and Oil Garden Aromatherapy, but first we meet a Doctor who embraces alternative therapies, Sally Shaw, founder and owner of The Wellness Manor, the first person in Mornington to employ Naturopaths.

Later in this “Wellness Retreats” edition of “Industry Leaders”…people who believe in natures healing properties at Oil Garden Aromatherapy
…but up next the award winning magic of Everview Luxury Retreat with your host Kyle Wallace in the Lachlan Valley.

We then head off to one of the ‘Best things to do’ in Noosa and meet Katrina Thorpe Co-owner of Ikatan Balinese Day Spa…where time is the ultimate luxury.

Lastly on this “Wellness Retreats” special edition of “Industry Leaders” our destination is Byron Bay where Naturopath, Pat Princi-Jones is passionate about preserving our environment and a firm believer in the healing properties of nature at Oil Garden Aromatherapy.

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