BTS | Industry Leaders with Janine Allis

Annex Media April 20, 2018 541 No Comments


Behind the scenes of Industry Leaders with the one and only @janine_allis and some mega talented people working hard on set. We had the privilege of hearing some amazing stories from top leaders in their industry. Money can’t buy the knowledge, experience and inspiration all these wonderful people had to share with us today! It was… Read more »

BTS | Holmesglen at Eildon

Annex Media January 21, 2018 707 No Comments


Today was another incredible day of filming in the great Australian landscape at ‘Holmesglen at Eildon’ with countless kangaroos scattered across the manicured fields, sweeping metallic sky magnificently lit by the sunset and mesmerising views from the balcony, the day couldn’t have been better. Thanks to the staff at ‘Holmesglen at Eildon’ for hosting us… Read more »

BTS | Industry Leaders S6

Annex Media November 30, 2017 562 No Comments


This was our biggest and best day ever! So thrilled to be filming the next season of Industry Leaders with Janine Allis in our purpose built television studio set. Everything went according to plan today and we got the shot in the can. To see all the countless hours of hard work, planning and organising… Read more »

BTS | Fast Food Police

Annex Media October 27, 2017 818 No Comments


Another successful day of filming for our brand new television programme ‘Fast Food Police’. Joe and Chantelle are naturals! They completely went with the flow as our naturopath expert Bianca provided them advice around healthy living. This dynamic duo are just entertaining to watch. Joe’s sense of humour is out of this world and Chantelle’s… Read more »

BTS | Actrua

Annex Media May 27, 2016 946 No Comments


We were in Sydney today filming with Actrua. We had the privilege of meeting with Andrew and Lesley-Anne today to hear all about their passions and how they’re changing the way we do training and team building. Speaking of team building, there’s no better way than popping the cork of a champagne bottle at the… Read more »